Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Freedom Centre a Homeless Shelter, and is it transitional or permanent?

The Freedom Centre is not a shelter for people experiencing homelessness. Instead, it is a center for community programs and events, a meeting place for seniors and youth, and a transitional, supportive housing program for veterans. The residents of the Freedom Centre will be supported by trained staff and volunteers.

What types of programs will the Freedom Centre offer?

The Freedom Centre will offer various programs to serve our residents and the broader community. For example, we hope to provide space for a community kitchen, recreation, and wellness programs.

Who are the residents of the Freedom Centre?

The Freedom Centre is committed to serving the needs of Canadian veterans. We endeavor to accept referrals from various agencies and organizations across Canada. All the veterans living at the Freedom Centre will have served in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Freedom Centre serves the needs of veterans from the Canadian Armed Forces and retired or past members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Will the residents of the Freedom Centre be expected to share the church's religious beliefs?

The Freedom Centre and the Cambridge Preston Church of the Nazarene are two separate entities, though they share the same grounds. There are no expectations that every member, resident, congregant, board member or staff person share the same religious beliefs at either the Cambridge Preston Church of the Nazarene or the Freedom Centre. No one will be turned away because of divergent views.

Will people with mental health and addiction challenges be housed at the Freedom Centre?

The Freedom Centre is a place of hope and healing for those who have devoted their lives to protecting Canadians' liberties and freedoms. As with any member of our community, some residents of the Freedom Centre may have challenges with mental health or addictions. However, it is essential to remember that mental health and substance use do not define individuals. The residents of the Freedom Centre will be people who have taken oaths to serve and protect our communities. They deserve our compassion and respect.

Will the Freedom Centre take resources from local residents?

The Freedom Centre is a unique program that will complement the programs currently offered in the Cambridge area.

Will the residents of the Freedom Centre use illicit drugs?

The Freedom Centre is an abstinence-based, supportive, transitional housing program.

I want to support the Freedom Centre! How can I donate or get involved?

We love volunteers! Please feel free to contact us for more information. [email protected] 519-591-6518