Sandwich in the Park

Sandwich in the Park is a ministry that has been happening at the Cambridge Cenotaph park for seven years. In the summer of 2023, Freedom Centre was approached to take responsibility for this initiative which provides sandwiches, coffee, deserts and clothing to those in need who are met where they are.

From teenagers to families, to homeless, the Freedom Centre, not only provides nourishment, but also a point of connection, compassion and friendship. With the support of many incredible volunteers we are doing our part to meet people where they are and offer them a sense of community.

You will see us there each Monday(except Holidays) from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Cambridge Neighbourhood Table

Cambridge Neighbourhood Table is a partnership between the Kinbridge Community Association and the Freedom Centre.

The Goal of Cambridge Neighbourhood Table is to provide meals alternatively once a week in Cambridge for those who are facing food insecurity. At this time we are working with Langs Community Centre to provide meals for alternate Mondays and Tuesdays. Cambridge Neighbourhood Table is not only a place for eating, but a place for connecting and sharing needed resources to our community members. Freedom Centre began this partnership in November of 2023 and is excited to be part of meeting the needs of our community, especially the needs of Ward 3.

Our schedule for 2024

Quilting Program

Join us each Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 for our Quilting Program with Tricia.

If you have never sewed, or want to work on a project, or are willing to be part of our project QUILT OF VALOUR, come and join us!

Sewing machines and materials available. For more information call 519-591-6518 or [email protected].

Embrace the opportunity to explore the art of quilting and connect with fellow enthusiasts in a supportive and engaging environment.


· Addiction Recovery
· Anger Management
· Conflict Resolution
· Healthy Relationships
· Breaking familial cycles

· Depression/Anxiety/Worry
· Shame/Guilt
· Perfectionism
· Grief/Loss
· Mental health counseling
· Music/Recreational Therapy

· Budgeting / Finances
· Employment Readiness Training
· The 12-Step Program –Time Management

· Community Garden   


The Freedom Centre will provide 10 units to Veterans in crisis for short term housing. All units will be wheelchair accessible. Veterans will have the opportunity to take part in on-site and off-site programming.. We are two blocks from the core of Preston on a quiet residential street and feet from the shore of the Grand River.

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